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Ramboprah Radio

Jun 29, 2019

Liam's Street, Twitter, Shallow old man, Megadeath Gay, Jersey Shore Bitch, DMV Rocklobster, Hola Mami, Warm Vanilla Sugar, BBC, Girls Girls Girls, Southie, Lezbo Squad, customers of the week, Soundclips.

Jun 20, 2019

Smoked Out, greater destination, Nutcracker, Current Events, Customers of the week, Fathers Day, The Count, Best advice in four words, Sound clips.

Jun 10, 2019

Happy Pride, Stonewall, Stress, Andy Ruiz. Jr, Monday Memories, Golden Girls, Imposter, Tv Time The Young Offenders, Killing Eve, Twitter Trolls, Excuse my Rude.

Jun 1, 2019

Road Trip to Colorado, King Scooper, Kim and go, Loaf n Jug, Gunther Tooties, Cajon City babes, Tinderellas, Cotopaxi, Lupe drunk again, Customers of the week, sound clips. Thank You, only