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Ramboprah Radio

Sep 21, 2018

Manifest Destiny, UFC Brazil Picks, RIP Crazy Bee, Bones is back, MGK Vs Em, Negative Nancys, What women want, Customers of the Week, Mother Russia, Jimmy Yeah Yeah, Shy Luv.

Sep 14, 2018

UFC Picks, GGG, Go go gadget drama, @tendayproject cleaning, Green Bay Aaron Rodgers, Never forget, Fake outrage, Just say no to racism, Kenzo unfollowed me party @10pm est, Customers of the week, The ghost of dick past, Hey buddy, Ring Ring, Thank you for your support and if you don't suck my dick-Cardi B,...

Sep 7, 2018

Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground, Six Nine, UFC 228, Customers of the Week, FaceTime Pregunta, Dumb Diddy Dumb, DJ Wackity Wack Wack, Blackoff, Hey Mijo, Disturbia, Stone Dead Forever, You won't love me after this, Not In Love.

Sep 1, 2018

Kim and Cookie, You name it, the plan, Silence, Cybertron, it aint easy, Everest, Saturday nights alright for fighting, Sami Sweetheart, Ricky Rozay, Human Nature, Wheres the ugly people line, Wasted, Living single, Te Amo.